You would like to take an internationally recognized proficiency exam for German as a foreign language? Deutsch im Trend is an examination centre for ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom), the Austrian Language Diploma that is accepted as proof of language skills by Austrian universities and adminstrative authorities.

Exams and dates

  • ÖSD-Prüfung A1 (Freitag, 13 Uhr: 100 Euro)
  • ÖIF-Integrationsprüfung A2 (Modul 1) (Samstag, 9 Uhr: 150 Euro)
  • ÖSD-Prüfung A2 (Freitag, 13 Uhr: 100 Euro)
  • ÖIF-Integrationsprüfung B1 (Modul 2) (Samstag, 9 Uhr: 150 Euro)
  • ÖSD-Prüfung ZB1 Internationales Diplom (Freitag, 13 Uhr: 130 Euro)
  • ÖSD-Prüfung B2 (Samstag, 9 Uhr: 140 Euro)
  • ÖSD-Prüfung C1 (Samstag, 9 Uhr: 150 Euro)

Anmeldung ÖSD-Prüfungen und ÖIF-Prüfungen (Integrationsvereinbarung)

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ÖSD-preparation courses 

Deutsch im Trend provides optimal preparation for ÖSD exams at all levels (A1-C2). Our ÖSD preparation program is designed to teach you specific test strategies. The preparation course helps students familiarize themselves with the  skills measured on the test. The preparation classes include ÖSD-focused reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus simulation tests. By the end of the course, students become familiar with the test-taking environment as well as the structure of the test.