German courses (A2 – C1) & Exam preparation (ÖSD)

For those who want to achieve results within a short period of time we would recommend the intensive course. Here, you will be studying very intensively and you will spend many hours at our institute. You will be rewarded in so far as this program allows you much more than any other course to focus on personal requests and demands.

Here, you will find time to revise vocabulary as well as to go through grammar exercises more thoroughly.

Intensive course A2 (*Discount: Students, Au-Pairs & Assistants)

Timetable: Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri (8.20 am 11.50 am)

Duration Lessons (UE) Fees
1 week
25 UE 170 € (book incl.)
2 weeks
50 UE 260 € (book incl.)
3 weeks (A2.1)
75 UE 385 € / 350*(book incl.)
3 weeks (A2.2)
100 UE 385 € / 350*(book incl.)
6 weeks (A2.1 & A2.2) 150 UE 590 €

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*Discount is for students (students cards), Au-Pairs und Assistant Teacher.

Intensive course B1 (*Discount: Students, Au-Pairs & Assistants)

Timetable: Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu (8.20 am 11.50 am)


What you learn

Course fees

Book & Copies

Total price

4 weeks (100 UE)

Level B1 & ÖSD-Training

430/370* Euro

20 Euro

450/390* Euro

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Intensive course B2|C1 (*Discount: Students, Au-Pairs & Assistants)

Timetable: Tue, Wed & Thu (12.15 – 14.30)

Duration Lessons (UE) Fees
4 weeks (ÖSD-Training)
48 UE 295 €


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