Intensive Courses

Our intensive courses are arranged in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels A1 – C2. In these courses there are 3 to 6 lessons per day each 40 or 45 minutes and a total of 17 to 20 lessons per week. Autonomous learning: 4 – 6 lessons per week (preparation, revision and exam training). The curriculum is designed in a way that you can effectively achieve the level of language proficiency you would like to achieve.

Recognized textbooks ensure stimulating and varied German courses. At the Advanced Level, your teacher puts his or her own German course together. Each course can be extended to private lessons according to your needs.

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Level A1
Start: 08.05
Level A2
Start: 08.05
Level B1
Start: 07.05
Oberstufe B2/C1
Start: 08.05


What you will learn in our courses (A1 – C1)


Courses offer basic communication skills including German grammar. The Starter course isGerman courses in Graz intended for students with no previous experience learning German with topics ranging from ordening coffee or food in a restaurant, asking and telling the time and other day-to-day life issues. The aim is to boost the learner’s confidence in the new language with a clear emhasis on speaking.

By the end of the course learners are able to conduct as well as understand simple conversations. Learners are comfortable with the usage of courtesy formulas.


The course fosters extension of basic vocabulary and grammar, it enhances the creative use of German through group discussion in class. By the end of the course learners are able to join in simple discussions on various topics.


The course can be labeled as integral bridge between the intermediate and upper levels. At this stage, the basic level is consolidated. By the end of the course learners have a solid basis, they make use of their knowledge in numerous situations. Learners are advised not to break off their studies, as they will otherwhise quickly forget what they have already learned.

Speaking of grammar students learn more about structural forms such as Subjunctive I and II, simple past, and passive constructions.

We recommend all students to take these classes to ensure a solid foundation of German before moving on to upper levels.


This course is designed to review and consolidate language skills learned in lower levels. Students acquire a stronger grammar foundation and build up their ability to react to reading and enhance listening skills. It further fosters the learners’ fluency in speaking and writing.

By the end of the course students have not only attained a high command of vocab but also increased grammatical accuracy which allows them to participate in advanced level class discussions.


At this level, students already master grammar well so that it is only revised selectively. Students are very proficient communicators with only occasional errors and lapses in fluency. They can express him/herself spontaneously and precisely. They can write essays on almost every  subjects. This level requires not only intensive language use but also time.

In many cases the teacher uses his or her own teaching materials for this level, and so adapts it optimally to your needs.